Thanks for stopping by and checking out my website.

I am a photographer based in Los Angeles. Love is a beautiful gift and it's my passion to capture it! Newly engaged couples, brides and grooms, families, couples that have stood the test of time.... All these should be celebrated and cherished and I want to be there to share your joy and capture your story.


Facts about me:

  • I love people. Truly. I enjoy interacting with them, making each person feel valued and loved. I want to be there to celebrate your special moments and capture all the love and joy.
  • I'm a happy wife to my incredibly handsome, funny, and talented husband, Daniel, and a proud dog mom to my super sweet fur babies, Chloe and Gatsby.
  • I am passionate about traveling. I live in Los Angeles, California, but I'm always looking for the next adventure. Are you planning a destination wedding or need a photographer to travel abroad? Perfect! Contact me and we can discuss the details. :)
  • I consider myself a world citizen, having grown up in Belgium, South Africa and the United States. 
  • I am slightly obsessed with Harry Potter (I'm proud to call myself a Hufflepuff. In fact, I'm wearing my Hufflepuff sweatshirt and drinking out of my HP mug as I type this). Every year on September 1 I start reading the HP series all over again and my little tradition never gets old to me. I also like to throw a Harry Potter themed party every year around October.


How I got started:

Over seven years ago, my husband was the photographer, not me. He had taken up photography for some extra income while he completed film and grad school. I was his retoucher and I loved every minute of it. What I really loved was getting to see the love and joy captured and being able to help people remember their special moments for years to come.

After graduating, my husband stopped taking photography jobs. Although I was happy he was moving into the film industry and doing what he loves, I was more than a little bummed that I wasn't getting to retouch images for him anymore.

To my shame, I nagged at my husband to start taking photos again so that I could get back to retouching. Instead of humoring me, he encouraged me to learn photography and take my own photos.

I quickly found that what I loved so much about retouching was even more enjoyable when I got to interact with those in front of the camera. The rest is history. :)