I wrote this poem several years ago, but never did anything with it. Then, I stumbled upon it the other day while cleaning out my computer and thought I would share it all with you. Enjoy :)










I think of a poor little child who is 

Lost and alone and I cry.

I see a baby all skin and bones 

Dying from disease and hunger and I cry.

I hear the desperation in a lost 

Soul’s voice and I cry.

I feel a person pull away when I 

Speak God’s name and I cry.                  

Cry, cry for the child that is hungry and cold.

Cry for the heart that is hard as stone.

Cry for the souls that want to find love.

Cry, cry for those who are hurt and afraid.

God thinks of the poor little children that are 

Lost and alone and He cries.

God sees the babies all skin and bones

Dying from disease and hunger and He cries.

God hears the desperation in lost

Souls’ voices and He cries.

God feels us pull away as He offers

His love and He cries.

I think of life, when I’ve sinned, or just pushed God aside.

I now look up to the cross, I see God’s love,

His arms open wide and I cry.

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Baked Pear Dessert

Last week I wrote a guest post on the Multicultural Kids Blog where I shared one of my favorite fall recipes. After writing that post, I decided that I wanted to share a fall recipe on my own blog as well. I love fall and all the delicious warm treats that come with the season. Growing up, I was not a big fan of dessert in general and would usually turn down dessert when offered (I'm not sure why I was such a strange kid), but I was always up for any kind of fruit dessert. Although (unfortunately for my waist line) I have grown to enjoy dessert, I'm still a sucker for sweet fruity desserts. Baked pears is one of my favorite treats and its such a quick and easy recipe. Seriously, you can prep these in about five minutes and will be ready after baking for 30 minutes.

Baked Pear Dessert

1. All you need for this super easy and delicious treat are:

          - Pears (each pear make 2 servings)

          - Butter

          - Honey

          - Ground cinnamon

          - Ground nutmeg 

2. Wash your pears and cut them in half. Then simply remove the stem and scoop the cores out with a small spoon. I put them in a pan that is covered with foil because baked honey can be really tough to wash later, so I just save myself the headache.

3. Spread some butter over the pear halves and then drizzle honey over them.

4. Next, simply sprinkle cinnamon and nutmeg over the pear halves and cover them up with foil.

Here is the final product. I drizzled a little more honey on top before serving. This also tastes really good with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream (or you could put a some greek yogurt on top for a healthier treat). Enjoy!

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Crockpot Stew

I think that Autumn might be my favorite season. I love watching the leaves on the trees change colors, wrapping up in warm sweaters, drinking seasonal lattes, and eating warm, comforting foods. Sadly I haven't ever really lived anywhere that I can actually see Autumn in its full glory, so maybe I like the idea more than anything else. But seriously, I think there is something exciting and romantic about this season. So, even though the temperatures are still in the nineties here in LA, I have really been craving a good stew or bowl of chili. Then, yesterday, out of the blue, my husband asked me to make my special stew. I gladly did that for him and thought I would share it with you too.

I'm not sure why my husband thinks that my stew is special, because the truth is I almost never make the exact same stew twice. The reason for this is because I really just throw whatever I happen to have in the fridge in the crockpot. This is actually something I learned from my mom. While growing up, my family often had "clean out the fridge soup" and it was usually awesome. Today I had beef short ribs, potatoes, and a lot of vegetables that needed to be eaten. So I just threw it all together and let it simmer for eight hours. 

Crockpot Stew:

1. What I have here are:   - Short Ribs

                                     - Half a bag of baby spinach

                                     - 2 Stalks of celery

                                     - 1 Tomato

                                     - 1/2 Zucchini 

                                     - 1 White onion

                                     - 1 1/2 Cup baby carrots

                                     - 2 Potatoes

                                     - 1 Red Pepper

                                     - 1 1/4 Cup sliced mushrooms

2. I put everything in the crockpot. The meat was put on the bottom and I left the meat on the bones to add more flavor to the stew. I left the spinach out until the last hour because I have learned that it will completely disintegrate if cooked too long.

3. Now for the spices. First I put two cups of water in the crockpot. Then I got another two cups of water, beef bullion cubes, salt, pepper, garlic, parsley, rosemary, basil, cumin, and cayenne pepper.

4. Add four cubes of beef bullion (or 1 cube for every cup of water) to two cups of boiling water. Stir it until the cubes are totally dissolved. After that, add and stir together:

          - 2 tsp. Salt

          - 1/2 tsp. Black pepper

          - 1 Tbs. Garlic

          - 1 tsp. Cumin

          - 1 tsp. Rosemary

          - 1/4 tsp. Cayenne pepper

           - 1 tsp. Parsley

5. Just put one bay leaf in the crockpot and pour your spice mixture over everything. Set the pot to low and allow it to simmer for about eight hours. 

6. After eight hours we had a delicious, warm stew. Enjoy!

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Banana Protein Pancakes

The past few months I have been hitting the gym pretty hard. Then yesterday I had my first truly difficult workout. I don't know what was wrong with me, its not like my muscles were unusually sore, but I just couldn't seem to get my limbs to move like I wanted them to. Yet, I pushed through (it took me twice as long to get through my workout then it should have). This morning I woke up feeling frustrated with yesterday's workout and feeling like I had been hit by a train. So, I got online to see what workout forums had to say to get me back to feeling human again. Here is what I found (though its not like I didn't know this already, I just hadn't been paying attention):

 1. When you work out you need to eat so that you have the fuel to keep you going (I realized I hadn't eaten much yesterday)

2. Protein, protein, protein. Seriously, it helps with muscle recovery

3. Its important to consume vitamins when working out because your body needs them for the best performance.

Even though I had already heard this before, I decided it was time to actually follow the advice. Which led me to the whole reason for this post: I decided to try making the banana pancakes that one of my paleo diet friends keeps raving about. My friend has said on multiple occasions that these pancakes taste just like the real thing and that she doesn't even think about the high carb pancakes anymore. I seriously doubted that a recipe that requires just two ingredients (eggs and a banana) could possibly taste the same as a real pancake, but I decided I would go ahead and try it.  Because I am very sore today, I decided to add a few more ingredients to increase the protein in take, but I still kept it low carb. Here's what I discovered, it doesn't really taste just like a real pancake (as I expected), but it did taste really good. And it's really easy and quick to make. Here I am sharing my first attempt at making these very healthy, high protein, delicious pancakes. Below the recipe I have added the nutritional information for you to take a gander at too. Enjoy! ;)

Banana Protein Pancakes

1. If you want to make the original recipe, all you need are two eggs and a banana (this will make four pancakes)

2. Yes, eggs are an excellent source of protein, but to get an extra protein boost, I decided to add a scoop of protein powder and a tablespoon of powdered peanut butter.

Isopure is a great protein in you are looking to trim down instead of bulk up as it has only 6g of carbs in a serving (2 scoops).

The powdered peanut butter can be found in Target, health stores, and possibly select grocery stores. It's awesome because it has all of the nutrients of peanut butter without the oil.

3. Just put all of the ingredients in a blender and blend it all together. You could mash it and mix it with a fork, but it needs to be REALLY well mashed and mixed or you're going to end up lumpy with dry spots in your pancakes. Just a heads up, the mixture will end up very liquidy, it won't look like pancake batter (and that's how it's supposed to be).

4. Preheat your pan on medium heat and spray it with non-stick spray.

5. Pour your batter in your pan. You need to keep an eye on it, because you won't get those little bubbles in your batter telling you when it's time to flip it. I burned my first pancake a little because I had waited too long.

6. Here is the finished product. They are really thin and have a bit more of a crepe like texture to them.

7. For my meal I put black raspberry jam on the pancake, ate a few strawberries, and had a cup of orange juice. I also took two fish oil pills as well. I was actually pleasantly surprised by how good it tasted. I think it will probably become one of my staples from now on.

Nutrition info:

Pancakes (2):

Strawberries (5):

Orange Juice (8 oz):

Calories                                         194                          48                                 112

Carbohydrates                               288 g                       117 g                            26 g

Total fats                                       2.1 g                        0.5 g                               -

Protein                                          21.7 g                       1 g                                 2 g

Cholesterol                                   225.8 g                       -                                    -

Sodium                                         179.9 mg                  1.5 mg                           2.5 mg

Vitamin A                                     11%                           -                                   10%

Vitamin C                                     23%                          149%                            207%

Vitamin E                                     8%                             2%                                 -

Vitamin K                                     6%                            4%                                  -

Vitamin B6                                   27%                          4%                                  -

Vitamin B12                                 7%                              -                                     -

Calcium                                        14%                           2%                                3%

Iron                                               7%                             3%                                3%

Phosphorus                                  14%                           4%                                4%

Potassium                                    16%                            7%                               14%

Magnesium                                  18%                           5%                                7%

* Percent daily values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

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A Time of Self-Discovery

Sunset in Missouri

 This summer has really been a time for me to really find myself again. I have previously mentioned that I felt that God was urging me to trust Him as He led me to Chicago for school.  So, I had stepped out in faith, leaving my husband and friends in Orlando, packed my bags, moved in with my parents and began taking my last two pre-requisites for my graduate studies. Then after more praying, advice seeking, and talking to my husband, I felt that God was telling me it was time to move on again. He didn't want me to be separated from my husband, He wanted me to turn down my seat in the graduate program I had been accepted in, and follow my husband to LA where I would have to begin the whole school application process all over again. Again, I became nervous. Not about being with my husband again of course, but I began questioning if I should really turn down a graduate program that I was already accepted in and about to begin. Should I really put myself out on the line and head, once again, into the unknown, without the guarantee of a school or job for me? The answer, Yes. 

Then, I began wondering if my summer spent in Chicago had been a waste. Had I misunderstood God's direction? Had I made a mistake? Now, looking back, I don't think so. I think God wanted me to stop relying on my husband and friends so much. I believe He was pulling me out of my comfort zone so that I could really begin to focus on Him and find my confidence and purpose in Him. Sometimes, we are called away for a little while to re-group, to find ourselves again and rediscover our identities in our Creator. That is exactly what this past summer has been for me. First, God called me out on my own and then He led me back to my roots. After all this, I realize that I have been called to do so much more. I wasn't meant to become comfortable in Chicago, to settle, or to find an identity completely separated from my husband. I am called to be flexible, move when God calls me to move, and listen closely to His direction.

  Chloe in Texas

Chloe in Texas

So, all that to say, a couple of weeks ago, I found myself once again packing up my car and hitting the road. My husband and I spent five days together driving cross country. At first my husband and I were nervous about this drive. How would we survive such a long drive, especially with a dog in the car (which was completely packed)? We were sure that we would be tired and bored and impatient for the trip to get over with, but it wasn't like that at all. The drive was stunning, I never got tired of looking at the scenery, we broke up the trip so that we wouldn't have to drive too long each day, and Chloe (our dog) was amazing. (Pictures of our trip can be seen on my Facebook page).

While on the road, I realized something about myself. I realized (like so many other TCKs) that I wasn't fully living in and appreciating the culture I am living in. Having lived and experienced so many countries and cultures, I have (without really realizing it until now) been unappreciative and underestimating of the amazing richness of America. I have always seen America as being less in some way, really only an in-between place until I was called somewhere else more amazing, more exciting, and more in need. But this trip has really opened my eyes. Watching God's creation pass by my car window, I realized that this country is amazing. Seeing the Grand Canyon, stopping at a Native American reserve, and now living in LA, I realize, this country is exciting. And looking at all the faces around me, I realize this country is very much in need. It is desperately in need of God, of His ambassadors to step up, speak out, give the love, grace, and healing that Jesus Himself gave. 

I have learned that I need to open my eyes and to truly see and appreciate where God has placed me and to follow His directions wherever I am. I know I am called to missions, but aren't we all? Missions doesn't just mean going abroad to an exotic or foreign location, missions can be right at your doorstep. It IS on your doorstep, and mine, and we are called to serve Him wherever we are placed. No matter how long that time may be. There is no "in-between" when it comes to running the race we have been called to run, the race is continuous and I realized I've been resting too long. I'm done waiting, I have sought forgiveness, and I am ready to make my mission field where I am, not where I hope to go. 

My self-discovery was not easy or comfortable as I was stretched, my patience was tested, and I was humbled by my pride and arrogance. But I know that I am better for it, and I pray that I will continue to grow as my identity in Christ deepens.  I know that this summer was not a waste, it was necessary, and I am so thankful that I learned all that I did.

The Land of Vikings and Trolls

 The Viking Museum in Oslo

The Viking Museum in Oslo

I had mentioned in a previous post that my family went to Belgium this summer to visit our old home. Actually, what made that possible was that my grandparents took all of the extended family (all 26 of us) to Norway for a week so that we could see their old home. My dad and his family grew up in Norway while my Papa worked for ConocoPhillips oil company.  It was such a great experience being able to spend a week with the family and exploring my father's and his siblings' expat country. I had been to Norway before, but I was so young that I couldn't remember much of it. Now, I have made some new memories that I will keep with me forever.

Our way around the coast of Norway was actually by cruise ship, so we were able to see quite a bit of the coast. Our first day was spent in Oslo where we hit up the Viking museum, the Kon Tiki museum, and the Fram museum.  It was very interesting to learn about Norwegian history and culture.  If you don't know much about Norway, I highly recommend you look into it, they are rich with culture and their history is fascinating. Sadly, we didn't make it to the Vigelandsparken Sculpture Park, which I really wanted to see.  I think I might have been the only one who wanted to go anyway, when I was disappointed that we couldn't make it to the park, my sister told me, "you're not really missing much are you? Why would you want to see a park full of naked statues anyway?". So, from the mouth of a fourteen-year-old, maybe I didn't really miss out, but it still would have been fun I think.

  Some scenery from our hike in Kristiansand

Some scenery from our hike in Kristiansand

Our second day was spent in the old part of  Kristiansand. There isn't a lot to do in this town entertainment wise in the time frame that we had. There are a few shops and the town square is pretty to walk through. The Kristiansand Cathedral is also worth taking a walk through. What made this place so much fun for all the cousins was the hiking. We hiking trails were beautiful and all the lakes were just stunning. After our hike, we walked over to the Christiansholm Fortress which was built in 1672 to defend the city. Although this day was pretty relaxed, it is one of my favorite memories because of the cousin bonding time and the chance to walk around and appreciate all the beautiful nature that God has created. It really is wonderful.

  Three Sword Monument in Stavanger

Three Sword Monument in Stavanger

The third day of our trip was the most exciting for the whole family. This is the day we went back to their old home town, Stavanger. We all put on matching t-shirts, which were designed by my very talented designer friend (shout-out to Kait Robison), and headed off the ship to meet our bus driver. An old family friend surprised my grandparents by meeting them at the dock, which was so sweet. Another surprise was when my Papa met the bus driver. The bus driver looked at my Papa and said, "I remember you, I used to be a helicopter pilot that flew you out to the oil rig years ago." This wasn't planned at all, and it was a happy coincidence. Our first stop of the day was at the old house my family used to live in. We walked around the neighborhood and met the old neighbors, who still lived there! After that, we went and did some touristy things by going to see the Three Sword Monument, and went to a spot to that over-looked the city. After lunch, my Papa, dad, and husband went to take a tour of the ConocoPhillips office that my Papa used to work for while the rest of us went to the beach to tip our toes into the frigid North Sea. Our last stop of the day was back in town, where we met and had tea with some old friends from Norway.

  Fjord leaving Flam

Fjord leaving Flam

Our last day of the trip was spent in Flam, which may have been the best day in terms of seeing God's awesome hand in creating nature. We woke up early to see the fjord as we came in, though we actually missed most of it because we arrived early. However, the view we did get while docking and then at the end of the day when we were leaving was truly something to behold. Words can't really describe the beauty, it's something you just have to see for yourself. We took the Flamsbana (a train) through the mountains for an hour long tour. The view was truly breathtaking. I would love to go back one day so that I could actually spend more time there and hike through the mountains. The rest of the day was spent perusing the gift shops and buying souvenirs.

All in all, the week spent with my family in Norway will be one that I will never forget. I can't thank my grandparents enough for making it all happen and giving us such a special memory. This trip was so special (I think especially for us grandkids) not just because we got to see where our parents and grandparents used to live, but to really see first hand what a strong impact they had on the people they knew. It was very touching to hear the stories that these old friends shared of how much of an impact my family had made in their lives and that they were never forgotten. My Papa has often told me that he worked hard to build up the Ingram family name and that it was the responsibility of the grandkids to keep it up. Now I know first hand how true that statement is and I am more driven to do just that and make my Papa proud of me.

 The whole family in front of the old house in Stavanger, Norway

The whole family in front of the old house in Stavanger, Norway

 Family tree design by  Kait Robison

Family tree design by Kait Robison


*If you are interested in seeing more pictures of our trip, you can see them on my Facebook page. (All photos taken by my talented husband,Daniel Wu)